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    Quants Forex Zones


    Nested Forex Zones are designed to fetch all key levels in one chart to find bounce and breakout areas.

    Everything you can imagine are fetched from multi-timeframe in to one dashboard to spot nested confluence and supply demand areas.

    If dashboard shows high score its clear identifcation of support and resistance and price likely to get reaction from that area. Please check more examples for clear understanding or send me message





    What does it calculate :

      • Support and resistance
      • Round Numbers
      • Bolingers
      • Deviation zones
      • Overbought and Oversold areas
      • Momentum indicators
      • Directional indicators
      • Moving averages
      • RSI
      • STOCH
      • Daily Averages
      • Weekly Averages
      • Monthly Averages
      • Double Tops
      • Double Bottoms
      • Daily High Low
      • Weekly High Low
      • Monthly High Low
      • Murray Math Levels
      • Pivot Levels and Resistances
    Benefits :

      • 60 Different bounce and breakout levels in one screen
      • Speed and Momentum indicators
      • Long term directional strength
    What does it solve :

      • It will help you to spot walls and predict the bounce - break areas accurately in unique way
      • This dashboard designed by professionals to filter any strategy and protect to not trade against strong support resistance zones..
      • This kind of information designed to help users make profitable calls.
      • It was very hard to follow many respected levels from multi TF and mult Pair , This dashboard gives you fast and accurate way to do it
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